Myrtle the Turtle

Join us at the beach.....

Our committee is working on a schedule of events that will keep you busy and entertained during your stay at Myrtle Beach.  The possibilities are endless and the problem is not what to do but how much to do.  Available in the area are stage shows, shopping, the boardwalk, amusement park rides, water parks, golf and the list goes on.   In the evening, fireworks displays are seen at multiple locations each week.

 Myrtle Beach offers something for everyone.  Gentle ocean breezes and rolling waves will help you relax on one of the many beach chairs dotting the shore. For those who love to walk, there are the beautiful white sand beaches just out the door that stretch many miles along the Grand Strand.  

However, the FOCA is the main reason for our attendance.   This is a great organization filled with dedicated people bonding together for a common good.   Encouraging new members to join is vital and we need new people of all ages to share their time and talents. They can help mold us into an essential, necessary collection of young and old Orthodox Christians who can pray and work together for the benefit of the FOCA and ultimately for our churches. 

 Finally, a significant feature of this event is to meet with your friends in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.  It is important to remember that, although each of us has our own path in life to follow, sometimes it is beneficial to join all those paths together in a common setting if only for a moment in time.

Join your friends in our facebook group “foca 2012 in Myrtle Beach.”    We’d love to have you!

The New Jersey District has been a moving force for the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America since its origin.  There are, at present, ten chapters:  #30 Ss. Peter and Paul; #44 Singac; #66 Passaic, #97 Bayonne; #129 Jersey City; #167 South River; #209 Garden State; #222 Holy Trinity; #223 Holy Cross; and #246 Glen Gardner.   At the helm of our district is our Governor, Ted Gregory and his wife Lorissa,  Assistant  Secretary.  Our Recording Secretary is Daria Miskiv and our Treasurer is Michael Kupec.    Most important to our group is our Spiritual Advisor, Father Steven Kaznica who is our treasured counselor and friend.   

It is from this collection of dedicated members that a trusted group has come together one more time to form a committee dedicated to the success and worthy achievement of this convention.  The work and commitment of these individuals will move progress toward, what we believe will be, a great convention.   At this time, many thanks go to those who have already come forward to help:  Ken Baron, Carol Deerson,  Mark Disko, Ted and Lorissa Gregory, Laura Johnson, Marge Kovach, Sonia and Bill Kraftician, Michael Kupec, Mark Marton, Daria Miskiv, Allison and Michael Steffaro, Helen Ochab, and Wally Bascik.   May God grant them all Many, Many Years!

Almighty God, our help and refuge, source of all wisdom and pillar of strength, please send Your grace to enable us to complete the task we are about to undertake.  Help us to accomplish it faithfully and diligently so that it may prove helpful to all.  And that it may bring glory to Your Holy Name.  For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit now and forevermore.  Amen.


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